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Volume- 1, Issue- 1, 2019 Issue

01 Title: Entrepreneurial Skills Needed for Self-Employment by Office Technology and Management Graduates of Polytechnics in Nigeria   Full Text PDF
Author Name: Agholor, Solomon I
02 Title: Management and Compentency Of Skilled Vs Unskilled Workers in Indian Construction Industry   Full Text PDF
Author Name: Ashutosh Mishra || S. Mukul Jain || Souvik Kundu
03 Title: How TMT affects the innovative performance: the mediating role of R&D investment   Full Text PDF
Author Name: Ma Qingya || He Yucheng
04 Title: Designing Network effects business model letter on competitive advantage in the small industries of Fars province   Full Text PDF
Author Name: Haleh Talei || Ali Rajabzadeh || Alireza Hassanzadeh
05 Title: Opportunities of Energy Efficient Building and Energy Conservation in India   Full Text PDF
Author Name: Prashant Chandrakar || Pranav Dubay || Sumeet kariyare || Gaurav Sonkar







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